Eloise (alawelshie) wrote in morsecoded,

Livejournal you are so fired!

Whoa, okay. I had no idea that on your guys' personal info page it has you listed as a 'member' of morsecoded, whereas you are all listed as 'friends' on the journal's info here. This is a shared journal between me and Jules and there is no posting from anyone else allowed (or so El Jay tells me but now I'm not so sure) besides comments. How annoying. Just noting. And probably spamming. Sorry if that's a pain. The spam and the misnomer. Again I ask, WTH Livejournal? Argh. It's this damned shared journal business I'm sure. I'm going to probably throw a little fit now and scour the FAQ and console. I need to appease myself with this issue like that. Anyway, sorry to bug and carry on. :P
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