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multi-fandom- Harry Potter, Ghost World, Alias

Queer Eye for the Fandom Guy by Yahtzee
Very funny fandom parody of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Some absolutely hilarious lines.

Harry Potter
of elm trees and hollow spaces by toastandtea
This is very lovely. And angsty- I had tears in my eyes through most of this. It's beautifully detailed and the imagery is just amazing.

The End by parkergray H/Hr
If they were going to create this person, this hero, this villain, this scapegoat and saviour, the least they could do was care about him.

The Shoebox Project by ladyjaida & dorkorific
Marauder-era fic- very funny. The illustrations are fantastic and the characterisations great. This is how I would love marauder!canon to be.

Into Snowy Oblivion by anniesj Remus/Sirius
It had snowed the night before and the world was white all around them, dreamy and endless, a landscape made out of sugar and silk.
Lovely and sweet. Remus stumbles upon a wizard photo.

Six Months by _blip_ (Will/Vaughn)
Late night drinks and grief. One of the very few Alias fics I've read.

Ghost World
Missives by Marginalia
September was caramel apple sticky, all over heat, skin damp, sky dripping.
I'm not the biggest fan of Ghost World but this fic is really beautifully written.

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