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Three XF and three more

Well look who just finally stopped by. Just a few, because I had this stuff on my mind but I'm very overdue for sleep and can't be pushed to scour for more I've got hidden away.

Melancholia by Jeylan. Brushing away the dust, there is some rediscovery. Or, Mulder's a sap. Else I am. (The X-Files, MSR, NC-17)

Dreams of Sleeping Fishes by CasQ. An All-Things post-ep with a mere PG rating? Believe it, they exist. (The X-Files, MSR, PG)

Alphabetum by Sophia Jirafe. I've read the idea before, the original and the copycats, but I still like this one anyway. (The X-Files, PG)

Just a thing, on finally reading the much vaunted Julia and Gabriel? Nope. Anyway.

Oranges and Cigarettes by candle_beck Part of my growing fic-acquired-through-Livejournal collection, just a scrape off the top. (Sports Night, Dan, PG)

Where Have You Gone, Tom Glavine? by Sabine. Time to start again. And again. (Sports Night, Dan/Casey, R)

Errata by Punk Manuverability and Tiffany Rawlins. Hell, I don't even watch this show. (Everwood, Colin/Ephram, R)
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