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Battlestar Galactica 2003
Intra by svilleficrecs
Set during the episode '33', it fills in the gaps between all those FTL jumps. From memory I think the flashback is a little too long but apart from that it's great. I wish fic in this fandom was more like this- showing more depth and a view of what it's like to live on Galactica. (oh yeah and shower sex) Anyway, I like the format of this a lot and the exhaustion is very evident.

Something Pretty by svilleficrecs
I think if you've read anything BSG you must of read this. Very hot. The dialogue is perfect. Spot on Kara and Lee voices. I can imagine them saying stuff like this- and I can't always with other fic. But, yes. Hot.

More later maybe.

PS. Feel free to rec me stuff. please!
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