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bsg [04 Nov 2005|06:10pm]

Battlestar Galactica 2003
Intra by svilleficrecs
Set during the episode '33', it fills in the gaps between all those FTL jumps. From memory I think the flashback is a little too long but apart from that it's great. I wish fic in this fandom was more like this- showing more depth and a view of what it's like to live on Galactica. (oh yeah and shower sex) Anyway, I like the format of this a lot and the exhaustion is very evident.

Something Pretty by svilleficrecs
I think if you've read anything BSG you must of read this. Very hot. The dialogue is perfect. Spot on Kara and Lee voices. I can imagine them saying stuff like this- and I can't always with other fic. But, yes. Hot.

More later maybe.

PS. Feel free to rec me stuff. please!

[19 Apr 2005|11:27am]
Heh. It was an accident I swear. Just looking up stuff on Structuralism for my essay, really.

Interesting in a wry sort of way, all the same.


and even: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_X-files

If I had the nerve I'd edit the 'History' part and add the X-Files in there, I mean why should Buffy and Harry Potter get a mention? Oh dear god, what am I saying? NEVERMIND. Oh nevermind. Essay- right.
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Three XF and three more [14 Jan 2005|02:49am]
[ mood | must go to sleep NOW ]

Well look who just finally stopped by. Just a few, because I had this stuff on my mind but I'm very overdue for sleep and can't be pushed to scour for more I've got hidden away.

Melancholia by Jeylan. Brushing away the dust, there is some rediscovery. Or, Mulder's a sap. Else I am. (The X-Files, MSR, NC-17)

Dreams of Sleeping Fishes by CasQ. An All-Things post-ep with a mere PG rating? Believe it, they exist. (The X-Files, MSR, PG)

Alphabetum by Sophia Jirafe. I've read the idea before, the original and the copycats, but I still like this one anyway. (The X-Files, PG)

Just a thing, on finally reading the much vaunted Julia and Gabriel? Nope. Anyway.

Oranges and Cigarettes by candle_beck Part of my growing fic-acquired-through-Livejournal collection, just a scrape off the top. (Sports Night, Dan, PG)

Where Have You Gone, Tom Glavine? by Sabine. Time to start again. And again. (Sports Night, Dan/Casey, R)

Errata by Punk Manuverability and Tiffany Rawlins. Hell, I don't even watch this show. (Everwood, Colin/Ephram, R)

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[28 Jul 2014|03:38am]

...to our humble abode. Before going anywhere, a suggestion? Read a bit about us, and then perhaps check out the links right above you. We're but a wee thing but of course everything starts out like that. Hope you find this place useful and helpful. Thanks for visiting!

- Eloise and Julia

multi-fandom- Harry Potter, Ghost World, Alias [25 Jul 2004|11:50am]

Queer Eye for the Fandom Guy by Yahtzee
Very funny fandom parody of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Some absolutely hilarious lines.

Harry Potter
of elm trees and hollow spaces by toastandtea
This is very lovely. And angsty- I had tears in my eyes through most of this. It's beautifully detailed and the imagery is just amazing.

The End by parkergray H/Hr
If they were going to create this person, this hero, this villain, this scapegoat and saviour, the least they could do was care about him.

The Shoebox Project by ladyjaida & dorkorific
Marauder-era fic- very funny. The illustrations are fantastic and the characterisations great. This is how I would love marauder!canon to be.

Into Snowy Oblivion by anniesj Remus/Sirius
It had snowed the night before and the world was white all around them, dreamy and endless, a landscape made out of sugar and silk.
Lovely and sweet. Remus stumbles upon a wizard photo.

Six Months by _blip_ (Will/Vaughn)
Late night drinks and grief. One of the very few Alias fics I've read.

Ghost World
Missives by Marginalia
September was caramel apple sticky, all over heat, skin damp, sky dripping.
I'm not the biggest fan of Ghost World but this fic is really beautifully written.

Livejournal Recommendation Pages

Bring the wank. [15 Jul 2004|06:23pm]
Thought it might be of interest to some, though a lot of the threads fall into mudslinging and are in the end not relevant to the topic: The X-Files has its field day on fanfic_hate.

My past entries of favorite quotes and links (xf) have also been updated.

ETA: All the fandoms, in order of when they are posted, can be found here. The latest addition is The West Wing.
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xf recs by J [27 Jun 2004|02:21pm]

It's been a while since I've read these. Just some old favourites. Most likely you've all read them but if not you should :)

Sweet. Laundry fic.

PARABIOSIS by Penumbra NC-17
A kind of fill in the gaps for season 7 in a poetic but slightly distanced way. Every little touch is nuanced and perfect. It's a progression of the MSR and gloriously in character. This may be my favourite fic ever.

VESPERS by Penumbra PG-13
Make sure you check out the illustration with this. It's incredible. Mulder POV. Penumbra is a stunning writer. Her prose is nothing short of magnificent.

Gorgeously sweet.

IOLOKUS by MustangSally and Rivka T NC-17
The writing is strangely addictive juxtaposing angst, sentiment and biting humor. The characterisation is interesting- the Mulder and Scully of Iolokus are not the Mulder and Scully we know but it works. The first 2 books are difficult to get through but stick it out.

I read these as WIP's and I really don't know how I survived between postings. If you haven't read this already- go read!
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Livejournal you are so fired! [14 Jun 2004|09:02pm]
Whoa, okay. I had no idea that on your guys' personal info page it has you listed as a 'member' of morsecoded, whereas you are all listed as 'friends' on the journal's info here. This is a shared journal between me and Jules and there is no posting from anyone else allowed (or so El Jay tells me but now I'm not so sure) besides comments. How annoying. Just noting. And probably spamming. Sorry if that's a pain. The spam and the misnomer. Again I ask, WTH Livejournal? Argh. It's this damned shared journal business I'm sure. I'm going to probably throw a little fit now and scour the FAQ and console. I need to appease myself with this issue like that. Anyway, sorry to bug and carry on. :P
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5 humor recs [13 Jun 2004|04:32am]
Maybe we should start reccing stuff already then. Here's five, In no particular order other than I reread these the most recently. Well that, and they're all hilarious. Enjoy.

They Can Mess You Up by David Hearne (PG)

Waiting for Agent Right by Kel (PG)

Cycles by Prufrock's Love (R)

Malus Genius, vel Hoc Lemma Nequiquam Latine Scribitur" (The Evil Spirit, or This Title Is Written In Latin for No Reason) by Plausible Deniability & MaybeAmanda (NC-17)

Spooky Action at a Distance by Sabine,
and its sequel: The Spooky Action Christmas Special (both PG-13)

Okay so that was five and a bonus. No time for analytic blurbs as I should be off to bed. Kisses to the newly friended and stay tuned till next time.

Added: Ah! She returns. One more:
Of Ruminants and Men by OneMillionAndNine. (really really not PG)

Take care now kiddos. :)

links up the wazoo (multifandom) [29 May 2004|06:40pm]
Great. Livejournal has to eat my post. Twice. Here we go, again. More to come later.

Firefly's Glow
You're Pretty... Pretty (Simon/Kaylee)
Blue Sun Room
Improv Archive

Level Three
Smallville Slash Archive
Wild Coyote (more links here)

Sports Night
Sports Night Fanfiction Archive

Stargate SG-1
Sam and Jack
Fanfic at Gateworld
Fanfic at JackSlashDaniel
The SG-1 Fanfiction Awards 2004

West Wing
The West Wing Fanfic Archive
The National Library
The National Library Syndicated Livejournal Feed
The Scriptorium
Bipartisan Relations (Sam/Ainsley)
Oddsmakers (CJ/Toby)

Farscape Slash Archive
Farscape Ally
Farscape World


[19 May 2004|05:44pm]

My quotes- like Eloise's they are loooong and I found them ages ago. All XF- most are funny and/or sweet.
quotes hereCollapse )
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eloise: some favorite quotes (xf) [18 May 2004|08:47pm]
Just trying to get all my X-Files bidness out of the the way so I can move on to the other stuff, so here are some of my favorite quotes from fics. Just a few selections else it gets really long. Well, actually it's too late for that. Anyway! This is kind of an old list too, it needs to be updated. Nevermind, I'll stop griping now! Just read.Collapse )

fic links (xf) [18 May 2004|07:49pm]
Some X-Files links, straight up. Rec sites and sundry archives.

Fanfic at haven
Fanfic at P2K
Fanfic at Allthingx
Archive Central
The Green Iguana
Fred and Ginger
The Winner's Circle
The Cutting Room Floor
The Annex
Fanfic to Go
Whispers of X
Blondie's Ratcave (K/Marita)
The Red and the Black (M/K)
Chicken Soul for the Dipper's Soul (DSR)
Spooky Awards: 2003, 02, 01, etc, and on Livejournal
X-Files fanfic on Usenet
More links
And more links, various authors
The X-Files' Most Unwanted

Links from the All-XF Yahoo Newsgroup and Usenet (Added 7/10)
XF Fic 101
Keep the Faith (Added 9/26)

More links to come later for other fandoms, once I figure out my bookmarks.

fic links [18 May 2004|09:35pm]

Various Links;

Silver Lake
The Double Helix
The Glass Onion
Our Boys (West Wing/Sports Night)
Bright Shiny Objects
The Flambeau Factory
The Fanfiction Directory
We Read Crap So You Don't Have To
Full House
Your Mileage May Vary

Words of Whimsy
Mad Love (S/Sark)
Allies S/V
Alias Fanfic Archive (old)
Alias Slash Archive
Alias Improv Archive
FOF 2003
Festival of Fic 2004
Omega 17
Cover Me

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